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Unlock your potential and drive growth through innovation


Unleash the power of new market opportunities

Transform challenges into triumphs

Uncover new sources of revenue and ways to drive meaningful impact through innovation

Discover opportunities

In today's rapidly changing world, innovation is key to sustainability and growth. By embracing change and navigating uncertainty, you gain the power to unlock potential and seize emerging opportunities. Whether it’s incremental innovation, pioneering new services, or revolutionizing customer experiences, adaptability and innovation serve as the cornerstone for success.

  • Grow value with new offerings or improve existing ones

  • Expand through untapped or underserved markets

  • Navigate uncertainty and trends to ignite ideas for innovation and take strategic action

  • Create more meaningful brand experiences

  • Make a greater impact through social innovation

Prepare for tomorrow while managing today

Forge a path to success

Innovation thrives when guided by your business strategy. We’ll ensure you have a strong strategic foundation that seamlessly connects your vision with customer insight and business priorities. We'll transform ideas into tangible progress, paving the way for the realization of your desired outcome.

Move from ideas to action


You will be guided through a series of collaborative workshops using a design-thinking methodology to uncover perspectives, facilitate ideas, and align key stakeholders. Lots of ideas and thoughts will be sparked, you will gain a new sense of potential and clarity for your journey.


Ashley Brodfuehrer

"I help businesses unlock their potential and achieve growth through innovation. My aim is to help you discover opportunities and create a brighter future.”

Ashley Brodfuehrer brand strategy consultant

What People Say

"Ashley is an incredibly talented marketing, analytics and business strategy professional. I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley on a couple of client engagements as well as utilizing her as our own CMO. Ashley has a unique talent of being able to combine business strategy with marketing strategy, and then designing and executing plans that coincide with the strategy. Ashley's knowledge, skillset and experience is beyond her years: she has brought so much value to every co-engagement we have had. I look forward to future engagements and highly recommend Ashley." -Cammy S., CEO Integrated Equity Management / Founder Revive Consulting
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