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Bright Brands empowers service-based companies with a strategic brand foundation to spark success



Strengthen your business with a brand that is unique, relevant, compelling, and aligned

a custom framework for success

Establish your
Brand Foundation

A strong brand can strengthen the position of your business and generate more revenue. At the core of every strong brand is a strategic foundation, which serves as a roadmap for all brand and marketing-related activities.


A brand foundation is a set of elements that strategically define and position a brand. By establishing a strong foundation, companies can create a compelling and cohesive brand that drives success. Some of the elements that make up a brand foundation include: company vision, mission, values, brand purpose, positioning strategy, unique value proposition, key messaging for the target audience, brand personality traits, and visual identity.


Key Advantages

  • Gain market insight and uncover business opportunities 

  • Explore new perspectives and (re)define your ideal consumer for target strategy

  • Create a competitive edge through brand positioning

  • Cultivate your unique proposition to compel consumers

  • Rethink your offering and imagine new ways to drive value 

  • Refine/Rejuvenate your brand identity to be polished and magnetic

  • Walk away with a framework for all brand and marketing-related activities


You will be guided through a series of collaborative workshops to uncover perspectives, facilitate ideas, and align key stakeholders. Lots of ideas and thoughts will be sparked, you will gain a new sense of potential.

Client Profiles

Does this sound like you?

  • Startups/New Businesses: you are a young or growing business generating revenue and ready to invest in a professional brand that aligns with your vision and supports your objectives. You seek direction to establish a strong, cohesive brand.

  • Established Brands: you are a mature business looking to transform/refresh your brand or seek a new strategy to stand out in a competitive marketplace, adapt to today’s consumer, or align with a change of business.

Strike a chord? Let's explore the possibilities, get in touch with Ashley


Ashley Brodfuehrer

"I help service-based businesses improve their brand to grow revenue and achieve success. I believe we all have unique strengths and unlimited potential.  My aim is to help you discover opportunities and create a brighter future.”

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Case Study

An established B2B manufacturer wanted to grow its business and refresh its brand. See what we accomplished.

What Clients Say

"Ashley is an incredibly talented marketing, analytics and business strategy professional. I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley on a couple of client engagements as well as utilizing her as our own CMO. Ashley has a unique talent of being able to combine business strategy with marketing strategy, and then designing and executing plans that coincide with the strategy. Ashley's knowledge, skillset and experience is beyond her years: she has brought so much value to every co-engagement we have had. I look forward to future engagements and highly recommend Ashley." -Cammy Smith, CEO Integrated Equity Management / Founder Revive Consulting
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